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  • Who are we?

    Thinkrice.sg is established as we passionately seek to provide the best quality rice for the market. We have chosen to only provide FRESH and LOCALLY MILLED rice that is imported directly from Japan with special care.

    We hope to be able to improve the quality of rice that you eat so as to contribute to a better well being of health and lives of people in Singapore. 

    Now is the time to Think about the Rice you eat. 

  • How do we ensure the Quality of our Rice?

    Reliable transportation of the rice with air-conditioned cargo shipment

    All rice are imported and transported by air-conditioned cargo shipment. This way, the raw rice are kept in the top-notched condition that best preserved them.

    Well-conditioned Rice Storage at controlled humidity and air-conditioned chiller room

    Following which, all the imported raw rice are kept in a chiller room where temperature and humidity are constantly monitored to ensure that freshness of the raw rice does not deteriorate. 

    AVA-certified milling process in Singapore

    A 7-steps quality check process allows impurities to be removed. This is achieved through using high technology optical color sorter that is able to identify bad rice and any impurities presented. Moreover, smaller rice bit and broken rice are removed to ensure only the highest grade of rice are achieved.

    The certification can be viewed here.

    Our aim is to be true to the authentic Japanese Taste

    On average, the rice currently sold in Japan are within a 2-3 weeks after milling period, and those longer than one-month will be treated as defective products. That is the main reason why the rice eaten in Japan remains fresh and delicious.

    With Oxidization and Dryness of the rice began immediately after rice milling, a locally milled rice will truly preserve its rich natural flavor. At ThinkRice.SG, we will only deliver rice that is milled locally, within a 3-14 days after milling delivery period.

    Therefore, by importing brown rice through a chilled environment (Brown Rice Circulation Technology) and performing local rice milling, we can achieve quality equivalent to the rice that is circulating in Japan.

  • Is the rice safe for consumption?

    Stringent tests and inspections are done on the rice to ensure that that only the best rice is collected.

    Inspection machines deployed includes:

    1)    Rice White Degree Meter

    2)    Grain Judging Machine

    3)    Heavy Metal Measuring Instrument

    4)    Radiation Detector 

  • Best value in the Market

    As our aim is to be able to bring fresh Japanese rice into the hearts of our customer and allow more people to taste the fragrance of Japanese Rice, and we strongly believe that we will provide this service of ours at the best value price possible.

  • Our Partner – Kubota Rice Industry (SGP) PTE LTD

    Link to Kubota Rice

    KUBOTA is the biggest Japanese farm machinery manufacturer of the long established store of the 1890’s foundation. Management and transportation of safe rice is made possible due to the wide diversification, which covers from carrying out contract farming, to the machines which covers from the production, and the distribution through the company’s own channel.


    Japanese rice importer - Kubota - now established in Singapore
    July 5, 2013
    New company specialized in the import, milling, and sale of Japanese rice to be established in Singapore.
    — Kubota contributes to the promotion of Japan's agricultural exports by selling Japanese rice overseas.

    Kubota to export rice to Singapore
    July 5, 2013
    OSAKA – Kubota Corp. said Friday it will start exporting rice to Singapore to follow up on the start of rice exports to Hong Kong last year.

    Jan 29, 2014
    株式会社クボタ(本社:大阪市浪速区、会長兼社長:益本康男)の子会社で、シンガポールで日本産米の輸入精米販売を行う「Kubota Rice Industry(Singapore)PTE Ltd.」(以下KRS)は、このたび、操業を開始し初出荷を行いました。