Tasty Rice, Healthy Life.

GABA Brown rice ~ A daily bowl of wellness.

Have you tried out the GABA brown rice yet? 

Let the GABA sensei (*teacher) recap the health benefits of GABA brown rice again!


GABA, the short-form of Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid, is an important neurotransmitter that affects the human brain and other organs and muscle tone. Researchers have also found that a prolonged intake of GABA rice can help to lower the blood pressure, improve kidney function, and improve sleep (Kurtus, 2007).

Many dislike the taste of brown rice because of its harder texture and nuttier taste. Worry no more! ThinkRice’s GABA Brown rice will change your opinion on brown rice! The nutrients in GABA Brown rice are broken down into more digestible forms, therefore cooked GABA Brown rice has a softer texture, sweeter taste, and causes less bloating as compared to normal cooked brown rice (Singleton, n.d.).

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