Tasty Rice, Healthy Life.

GABA Brown rice ~ A daily bowl of wellness.

ThinkRice is pleased to announce that we have just newly launched a new product, the GABA Brown rice!

Firstly, what is GABA brown rice, and what is so great about it?

Let the GABA sensei (*GABA teacher) explain to us!


GABA, the short-form of Gamma-Amino Butyric Acid, is a kind of amino acid existing in living bodies, plants, and microbes etc. GABA has many functions for the human body, including lowering the blood pressure, stabilizing mood, improving sleep quality. Currently, there are many products containing GABA, and ThinkRice’s GABA brown rice is GABA-enriched functional rice.

Brown rice is recognized as a healthy food because of the various functional ingredients contained such as vitamins, mineral, and fiber. ThinkRice’s GABA brown rice is a better grade of brown rice as its GABA content is approximately 10 times more than that of regular rice!


Why is it so?

All our GABA brown rice undergo a special process called the Moist Air / Heating and Humidification Method, which will enhance the amount of GABA content in the rice grains. Below diagram shows the process on how GABA is being generated and then transferred from the germ to endosperm.


Researchers have found that consuming GABA daily can help to lower blood pressure, reduce stress level, and improving the quality of sleep. GABA rice can be seen as a hope in future to reduce the increasing medical cost.

Do try out our GABA Brown rice today at a special introduction price of $12.50!! (U.P. $15)